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About Us

PammyJ Fashions was born in 2006 starting out as a children’s clothing company, designing and manufacturing boutique clothing styles for little girls. Times changed and we started selling fashion jewelry and as the years progressed we also started manufacturing our own line of good quality themed fashion items at the most reasonable prices we could find.

PammyJ is a small family business based out of Chicago, Illinois and works hard to give you nice items that you can give your friends and family as gifts or keep for yourself. Themed items are what we love best and work hard to find every possible theme out there.

Custom Orders

PammyJ is able to create, design, and manufacture items you may need for a special event. Quantity must be at least 50 pcs and from start to finish we will need about 3 months. Please contact us for more details

Large Quantity Orders

If you see an item that you need a large quantity of, 15 or more pieces, please contact us and we can discuss further discounts available

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